The Flow Factory wants to be a collective of flow, movement and circus artists and technicians in Portland  Oregon, Olympia Washington and everywhere between and beyond, striving to create space for individual and collaborative expression, growth, fulfillment, wonder and the crafting and manipulation of objects.

The mission of the Flow Factory is to empower people to live the lives that they want. Our chosen praxis is the flow arts, also known as object manipulation, juggling, fire spinning, or prop dance. This art, or non-competitive exercise practice if that resonates better, is simple and accessible enough for children, but leads down sufficiently deep rabbit holes to be a long lasting hobby. Or life path.

We sell high quality props and provide top shelf instruction and inspirational performance. We hope to be doing more soon! We’re moving towards opening a storefront and studio space in Portland or Olympia, where we can have classes and workshops for the general public, host more community events, and provide shared and private studio time for members. For now, the main base of operations is a small shop in Lacey, Washington, where we make things and sell things and practice all the time.


we are in the process of improving the web site. if you have problems, please let us know!