Workshop list

Here is a list of some of our available workshops. We can also teach beginner-intermediate poi, club spinning, and an abundance of additional double staff, single staff and dragon staff workshops.

Double Staff Fundamentals

– A crashcourse in basic timing and direction and several driving styles, this workshop will give the beginner the foundation for hours and moons of exploration. We will focus on one-beats, isolations, antispins, and r-types.

Double Staff Hybrids

-This workshop will focus on spinning a different pattern with each hand in order to make more complex movements and shapes. A basic understanding of antispin and isolation are required for the workshop to run smoothly

Multi-Staff Contact

-This workshop will focus on using contact with two staffs. We will explore some traps and staff-on-staff contact, and introduce some halo, neck wrap, and arm roll patterns. We will touch on double fishtails. We will just barely get into some triple staff patterns.

Contact Staff Fundamentals

– This workshop will get the staff out of your hands and onto the rest of your body. We will focus on body wraps including conveyer belts, SNeS, haloes, and neck wraps and duckouts.

Contact Staff Arm Rolls

– In this workshop we’ll explore different pathways on our arms and torsoes that a rolling staff can follow. There are probably alot more than you realize. We will explore chi rolls,  steves, and angel rolls and there variations and will stress the underlying principals that keep everything rolling along smoothly

Entering, Exiting and Surviving the Matrix

-In this workshop we will explore that pinnacle of contact staff moves known as the matrix. We will work on different entrances and exits including how to not let your audience know that you are failing :) We will also stress body mechanics and proper self care to reduce the risk of destroying your back.

Partner and Group Contact Staff

– placing, passing, stealing, sharing. We’ll do some simple hand wrap thingies, but it’s best if you already know how to do fishtails, steves, horizontal conveyor belts, angel rolls and duckouts.

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